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Additional Learning Needs Information


                                                                                                                Mrs Lindsey Riella


At Cwmfelinfach Primary School all staff strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils. The National Curriculum is our starting point for planning that meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of pupils. When planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to pupil’s diverse learning needs. Some pupils have barriers to learning that mean they have special needs that are additional to and different from their peers and require particular action by the school.   

There are changes being made to the way that Special Educational Needs (now referred to as ‘Additional Learning Needs’) will be carried out in schools from 2023. In readiness for this, some schools are already making changes, e.g. in the way that meetings with parents and pupils are held. We at Cwmfelinfach Primary School are implementing the new recommendations in line with county guidance. You will be informed of the changes and how they affect your child by your child’s class teacher during parent consultation meetings in the Spring Term 2021.  More information can be found in the school's Additional Learning Needs Policy (available from the School Office) or you can meet with Mrs Riella by making an appointment at the School Office.


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